teaching children the importance of gratitude, positive thinking and visualization

benton believes


Benton Believes is a very special story about a young boy named Benton who meets a chameleon named Eli who helps him learn about three very important concepts that can help anyone create a life they love to live- GPV: Gratitude, Positive Thinking & Visualization. Throughout the story Benton sees how GPV can help him in many areas in his life including family relationships, athletics, and self love. It's an amazing journey that both kids and adults will enjoy.

I thought about what were the most important concepts that I had learned and used in my own life, And..... the 3 most important things were/are GPV: Gratitude, Positive Thinking & Visualization.

-kimberly bugbee

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A GREAT book!

A GREAT book!

For the life of me I can't remember where I heard of this book but when I did and read what it was about I KNEW I had to read it!  It is called "Childhood Disrupted" By Donna Jackson Nakazawa.  It is absolutely fascinating!  I highly, highly recommend it!! Here is the...

Summertime With Our Kiddos…….

Summertime With Our Kiddos…….

For me, Summer is bittersweet.  Needless to say I LOVE the weather and all the fun activities that come along with it.  I LOVE having my kiddos home and being able to spend quality time with them.  BUT, there is the flip side. The famous quotes "I'm bored" and "What...

Benton Believes Book Signing!

          I am so excited to announce my book signing in Costa Mesa, CA in June. Lionela Torriero , the owner of Infinite You Meditation Studio, has graciously invited me to her studio to share my book Benton Believes. Date:  Saturday, June...

meet kimberly


Kimberly Bugbee is a Mom, Wife, Blogger, Counselor and Author. She resides in Spokane, WA with her amazing husband Chris of almost 25 years and her 3 children: Bella: 17, Grace, 15 & Brody 11.

Kimberly’s 4th child is titled “Benton Believes” - a children’s book that teaches kiddos about GPV: Gratitude, Positive Thinking & Visualization with the help of a very friendly chameleon named Eli.

She takes one moment at a time, often breathes deeply to keep calm and loves getting older because with age comes wisdom!

why gpv?


In 2001 I had my first child and wanted to discover a way to enjoy my life more. I wasn’t happy and was very overwhelmed. I sought counseling and was determined to become a better person, wife & mom.

I began a journey- a journey to discover anything and everything I could to help me grow mentally and spiritually. I spent years reading self-improvement books and attending workshops on personal growth. I practiced what I was being taught and I put a lot of thought into what were the most important concepts that I had learned and used in my own life. And…… the 3 most important things were/are:

GPV: Gratitude, Positive Thinking & Visualization. Using these three concepts in my daily life have assisted me in creating a life I truly love to live and I hope to help kiddos and adults do the same.